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Custom Gear.

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In our custom SEND IT shop we create a wide variety of custom Gear

Custom Send It squad... have a crew that sends it together? 
Consider having a Send It Squad custom shirt made for your crew.  

Send us your pics and we will create your custom SEND It Gear for you!

Making memories SEND It Squad gear..  A Send It story.  A grandfather 86 years young decided he wanted to hit some ground balls to his grandson 16 and HS baseball player.  It was the first time in 40 years that grandpa had hit grounders.  It was extra special because the grandson had been named after his grandfather and had heard many stories of how his grandpa should have played centerfield for the NY Yankees. (According to GPA only)  Without either of them knowing some pictures were taken and the following shirt was created.  Grandpa only wears it every other day!  

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