Q. Is there a way to exchange my order once it is purchased?

A. All sales are final.  We do not accept exchanges or returns.  If the item is somehow defective of course we will take care of you.

Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. Yes. We “Send it” to everywhere on earth. (Please note that international customers are responsible for any import taxes / duties that may occur.)
Q. How do I know if a product has anything on the back side?
A. All products that are two-sided will mention that in the description.  Pictures of both sides can be found when you click on the item in our shop.  You can have one or both sides printed in our custom shop.

Q. It says my package has been delivered but it's not here.  What should I do?

A. Get some new neighbors?!!  No, seriously if USPS tracking states “delivered” then the customer is responsible for the receipt of their order.

Q. I’m proud of my kids and want to get custom shirts with their names on it for their grandparents to wear.  Can I do that?

A. Absolutely!  And customization is absolutely FREE!  We also will do customization for any sports team assuming that your team SENDS IT!  Check out our custom shop for more details.

Q. Will my item fit me?

A. Well, it will if you order the correct size.  All of our items provide a sizing chart and that is the best info that we can provide.  If you are unsure if your item will fit you, or if you are planning on eating 20 pizzas before it arrives, we suggest ordering one size up.

Q. Generally speaking are people who wear Send It Sportswear gear awesome people?

A.Yes!  Yes they are!

Q. What text can I add to a product in the Custom Shop?
A. You can essentially add any text that you would like at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! We do have some examples there for you to check out. If you want to add some real life silhouettes to your shirts, we do that as well for an additional charge.